Angelina Liem



First, I wanna say thankyou to owner this blog because she has received me as admin 🙂 😀

Second, I wanna introduce myself 🙂

My real name is Angelina Liem, this name also be my pen name 🙂 and my Korean name is Lim Cheonsa [임천사]
Nickname :  Angel or LA or Cheonsa
I’m born on 12 October 1996 in Surabaya City
I’m colleger in the Faculty of Communication Science at Widya Mandala University
Because my hometown and my college in Surabaya so I live in there.
My hobby is dancing, dancing, design fashion, listening music, singing, reading, writing, sleeping, and watching movie/drama series 😀
Favorite color is whiteblackredblue, and yellow
I really like Mickey Mouse!
Food and drink favorite? ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pizza, any noodles, milk, meatballs, and avocado juice :p

Okay, now I’ll sharing about my fandom and bias.
I’m part of E.L.F and EXO-L but I also like other because I really like Korean! ♥
Nah, it’s make me confused, how to tell you all about my bias because I often change my bias /Lol/
But who stay in my heart is…

images (22)

Eunhyuk a.k.a Lee Hyuk Jae /kiss/

Henry Lau a.k.a Liu Xian Hua /kiss/


Chanyeol a.k.a Park Chan Yeol /kiss/


Lay a.k.a Zhang Yi Xing /kiss/

Lee Jong Suk /kiss/

Lee Jong Suk /kiss/


That’s my ultimate 🙂 Honestly, my bias so many and I also have girl bias, more than it  hehehe 😀

You can find me on : INDO FANFICTIONS as Author || EXO-L Fanfic as Admin | Role Fanfiction as Admin || 

Finally, done!
For the last, if you wanna ask something about me, go a head… ^^ 😉 😀

You can comment in this post or you contact me :
TwitterInstagramTumblr : angellim01
ask to me/contact me via twitter on DM 😉

If you have Wattpad, you can also reading my scripts/posts on Wattpad : angellim01

For closing, follow, visit, and comment/like posts on my personal blog => Angelina Liem. ^^



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