Jackson – Suzy

Jackson GOT7 & Suzy Miss A (4)

© MissSugee

1. JYP Nation New Year Party

Miss A, Nichkhun 2PM, Wooyoung 2PM, GOT7 & Baek Ah Yeon in JYP Nation New Year Party (3)

GOT7 & Suzy Miss A in JYP Nation New Year Party

I called it “eye contact(s)”

2. miss A cheer for IGOT7

3. Suzy make guest appearances on IGOT7 Ep. 3 & 4

I'm dying for you

I’m dying for you

GOT7 & Suzy Miss A in IGOT7 (6)

Shinyoung: “Who is the strongest member of GOT7?”

Suzy : “Mark & Jackson.”

Jackson: “Satang, here I come.”

Shinyoung: “Do you love Suzy?”

Jackson: “I love Satang!”

Shinyoung: “You like her a lot?”

Jackson: “Very much!”

Shinyoung: “More than your mother?”

Jackson: (Stopped) “No.”

Jackson: “I love my mother, but I like Suzy very much too!”

Shinyoung: “More than you like JB?”

Jackson: “Of course I like her more than JB!”

Jackson is touching Suzy’s hand

4. Jackson mentioned Suzy


6. Other member of GOT7 try to draw Suzy and Jackson guess it Kim Shinyoung.



8. JYP Nation One Mic Talk

JYP Nation in JYP Nation One Mic Talk

Close enough

Close enough

Jackson looked into Suzy’s eyes

9. Suzy followed JYP Nation include Jackson!

10. Jackson followed Suzy back

11. Jackson: “Suzy never told me I was short.”

12. Suzy liked Jackson photo on Instagram

13. Same dog?

14. GOT7’s reaction when seeing Suzy on the screen

15. On KBS2 Vitamin, Jackson choose Suzy as the girl who he want to join the dating show with.

16. JYP Nation One Mic Concert in Bangkok Press Conference

17. JYP Nation One Mic Concert in Bangkok

18. Jackson menioned Suzy again and again

19. Suzy’s instagram update with Jackson and Yugyeom


20. Suzy congratulated Jackson for his first award


21. Jackson mentioned Suzy *again*

Jackson GOT7 & Suzy Miss A (7)

22. Jackson – Suzy couple thing

23. Jackson is Suzy’s forever fanboy! He have Suzy’s photo on his wall

24. Jackson liked Suzy’s photo on Instagram

25. Jackson: “During JYP Nation, Suzy comes to dress rehearsals. JYP: OH. SUZY-YA!!”

26. Suzy’s instagram update

27. Jackson mentioned Suzy

Sam: “Ahh.. I really wrote down Hunminsora (Kang Sora)”

Jackson: “I wanted to say Suzy!”

28. Jackson gave Monsta X’s Jooheon Suzy’s Vita500 as “a meaningful gift”

29. Jackson mentioned Suzy *again*

Jackson: “Do you know Suzy? Hehe.”

Taxi driver: *needless to say yes*

Jackson: “Yeah, that was too obvious.”

30. Jackson mentioned Suzy as the female idol stars he finds most charming

31. Jackson & Bambam mentioned Suzy

Jackson: “Her number changed. I was bored and tried calling her one day, but a guy picked it up.”

Sam: “If you say you know Suzy’s phone number, they will treat u nice.”

Jackson: “Does it have to be phone number? Can it be email?”

31. Uncontrollably Fond’s Parody by Jackson, Mark, Bambam & Yugyeom.

Last Updated: June 9th 2016


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