Youngjae – Suzy

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1. JYP Nation New Year Party

2. miss A cheer for IGOT7

3. Suzy make guest appearances on IGOT7 Ep. 3 & 4

When GOT7’s member revealed that Youngjae is Suzy’s fan

When Suzy do the sexy dance only for Youngjae

4. GOT7’s member told to draw Suzy


6. JYP Nation One Mic Talk

Mark: “If I were to do stage with Suzy, I might get hit by Youngjae.”

WY: “Isn’t Youngjae younger than you?”

Youngjae: “It was when we were practising, Jinyoung hyung asked me why I have no strength. So he showed me Suzy’s noona pic and said to cheer up

Jr. : “He kept saying ‘Suzy noona Suzy noona I miss you’.”
Jokwon: “Suzy is right infront him.”

WY: “Then for Youngjae, let’s give him some time to confess.”

Youngjae: “No, I’m ok.”

Changmin: “3 sec (I guess)”

WY: “But Suzy is really busy, she doesn’t have that much time.”

Min: “Then only 1sec.”

Woo: “Do you want to see it?”

All: “Yes!”

WY: “Suzy are you ok?”

Suzy: “Yes. I’ll do it.”

Changmin/Jokwon: “He can’t look at her.”

Ayeon: “What to do?”

WY: “Youngjae, you can’t look at her?”

YJ: “Yes.”

Woo: “Then should I give you sunglasses?”

Woo: “Then Suzy can we do it for 1second?”

Suzy: “Yes yes, how should I do it?”

WY: “Suzy is a noona right?”

All: “Yes.”

WY: “Suzy noona is right infront of you, we’ll do it for 1sec , Youngjae-ah this is the last time.”

Jackson: “Last? Last?”

WY: “Let’s go, eye contact, 1 2 3!”

Jokwon: “Youngjae-ssi how do you feel?”

Youngjae: “I totally like it! YAAAAAAA!”

WY: “Cute.”

Jokwon: “Cute.”

7. Suzy & Yerin wishes a Happy Birthday for Youngjae

8. JYP Nation One Mic Concert in Bangkok Press Conference

Youngjae is looking at Suzy

9. IGOT7 made Suzy placard to cheer Youngjae on his college entrance exam

10. Youngjae with Suzy’s placard

11. Weekly Idol

Youngjae is holding Suzy’s picture

12. Suzy liked Youngjae’s photo on Bambam & Mark’s Instagram

13. #StayStrongYoungjae being TT on Twitter because of Suzy-LMH relationship

14. missA & GOT7’s Fansign Event

15. Suzy instagram update

Last Updated: June 10th 2016


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