Jung Seomi


I’ll tell you about Jung Seomi, Who is her? ;)

Her Name is Dian Ramadhani Permata sari | Its better to call her ‘Dian’| Jung Seomi is her Pen Name | She Was born on Dec 12th 1999 | She is a 8 grade at Junior High School | She is a Coffee addict, She is loving  Milk too | She is Kpopers, SMstan, EXOstan, ELF, And Suweeties | She loved EXO And Super Junior Very Much :* | Her First Love name is Kim Jungwon And She is  Oh Sehun’s Girl Friend now :P | She is HunHan Hardcore Shipper and She is MissA’s Suzy’s Fans

She is Loved Angst Genre FanFiction | She is an  amateur Writer, but she learn to be a professional writer | She is an Ambitious Girl | She is a dreamer, Her Dream to be a famous Writer, and she’ll be get it!

Be her friend?

@JungSeomi1 on Twitter

Or Facebook : cloudsdianr@yahoo.com

Email : smff_jungseomi@yahoo.com


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