{Who’s the writer really is? Let’s check this!}

pinkeublossoms is my pen-name. 
Inami Chii/Shinji Hana is my Japanese name, Hwang Yeonghee/Minami Cho is my Korean name.
I am 99liners girl.
O blood-type, scorpion, seoulvivers, kpop fans, & snow-spring-pink girl.
BoyFriend & APink are my ultimate priorities.
Jiyeon was my precious along with Suzy, Sulli, Krystal, Seohyun, & Jessica.
 Juniel, IU & K.Will are my favorite soloist. SISTAR’s Soyou & Hyolyn are my favorite singers too when they’re make a solo/duet album (but I’m SISTAR’s Dasom & Soyou biased 😛 ).
The most important, please don’t call me ‘min’, ‘admin’, or ‘author’ even once! Just call me with Chii, Yeonghee, Hana, Minami or anything else that you like.


Contact me on: Twitter | Personal WordPress


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